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We are offering furnace rental opportunities this summer on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in our Chaumont glass studio. The rentals will be in 4 hour blocks from 9-1 and 2-6. These will include 1 hour of instruction of that 4 hour block and you team up with a partner to share in the expense and have an assistant to alternate turns with.

The current available rental dates are:
June 24,25,26
July 29,31
August 5,6,7 and 12,13,14

Beginning and Intermediate classes are available:
June 21,22 and 28,29
July 5,6 and 12,13 and 19,20 and 26,27
August 2,3

Class costs are $499/student, everything included.

Rental costs are (beginning class required)
4 hour block w/instruction $293+16.32 tax=$309.32
4 hour block w/out instruction $272+21.76 tax=293.76

Rent 4 4-hour blocks with instruction $1237.28 **SPECIAL RATE $927.96**
Rent 4 4-hour blocks without instruction $1175.04 **SPECIAL RATE $881.28**