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Art of Fire Contemporary Glassblowing Studio is a full-scale working hot glass studio offering glassblowing instruction. Located in a renovated dairy barn in Northern Montgomery County, we offer the most comprehensive course utilizing a basic class outline and course syllabus. This serves as a general guideline while allowing an opportunity for creative input and personalized instruction. Our premiere facility remains the mid-Atlantic’s largest studio with ongoing classes offered on all skill levels

Our BEGINNING GLASSBLOWING course is designed to provide you with the basic introductory skills necessary to complete simple vessels. No previous glassworking experience is required. We keep the classes small (2 people per instructor) so that students may benefit from individualized instruction and maximum furnace time. Students will work with partners to maximize time spent at the furnace and aid in the completion of glass pieces. Students should expect to complete the course having made 6-8 pieces of glass. A copy of the course outline is included.

For comfort and safety students should wear wool or cotton clothing and closed shoes. It’s best to not wear artificial fibers.

Those interested in pursuing further glass instruction and acquiring more skills may enroll in our BEYOND THE BASICS course. Designed to both improve the basic skills already acquired and introduce new decorative techniques, this class will introduce solid color work, optic molds, trails, lip wraps, feet and handles.

Each set of classes is 12 hours and divided into 2 6-hour sessions on weekends. Weekday classes can be divided into 4 3-hour sessions.

The price for each course is $599. A deposit/processing fee of $175 is required when registering for the class. The balance is due in full at the beginning of the first class session.