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The Beginning Glass Blowing Class is a great way to introduce yourself to the art of glass blowing. Our relaxed environment and highly experienced instructors will help you learn the basics of forming simple glass vessels.
Our Beginning Class teaches the fundamentals to work safely and confidently in the hot shop as you move from solid forms to blown glass. You'll learn the basics of tool usage, handling molten glass, and the art and science of a medium that dates back to Ancient Egypt.
Upon completing the Beginning Glass Blowing Class, you may wish to move on to the Intermediate Glass Blowing Class. More demanding techniques are taught, including optic mold use, creating handles and feet, and color use for decorating your work.
It's the perfect follow-on class for those who wish to continue to challenge themselves and broaden their interests and abilities.
Either an Art of Fire Beginning class or sufficient proof of other glass instruction is a prerequisite.
In our Advanced glass blowing class you will learn techniques such as Incalmo, Venetian goblet and cane-work/roll up. Or pick your own topic to study and master!
Our instructors have taught and taken classes at various studios around the country and are ready to help you expand your creative horizons. We believe you won't find a more user-friendly learning environment. Now is the time to reward your self with a challenge!
Either an Art of Fire intermediate class or sufficient proof of other glass blowing instruction is a required prerequisite.